Sjálfsbjörg Knowledge Center

Sjálfsbjörg, the Icelandic federation of physically disabled people, established a knowledge center “Þekkingarmiðstöð Sjálfsbjargar” which opened the year 2012. The major target group (clients) are people with physical disabilities, along with their families and other interested parties. The center, as the association, is a non-profit organisation.

Þekkingarmiðstöð Sjálfsbjargar - Sjálfsbjörg's Knowledge Center

Location: Sjálfsbjörg's Knowledge Center is located at Hátún 12, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland.

Opening hours:  The center office is open weekdays from 10 am until 3 pm.

Contact information: Tel: (+354) - 5500-118, e-mail:

Facebook page:

The language: The content of our website and our Facebook site is almost entirely in Icelandic. A little part though is in English here and there and we want to increase it in the near future. 

The website: Our website is divided into six major chapters. Below are the chapters shown and the heading of the sub chapters underneath each and every one (in English). Each heading is linked to the sub chapter and in some cases to a summary of the chapter in English. But one can always copy the Icelandic text and transfer it through Google translate and from that get the general meaning out of it. If not, just visit us, call us or send us email.


At "Aðgengi" we have Information for accessible tourism in Iceland in English.

The six major chapters and sub chapters of our website


  • Pension insurance and social assistance (Almannatryggingar
  • Disability pension – grants – compensations (Örorkulífeyrir/styrkir/bætur
  • Automobile issues (Bifreiðamál
  • Handicap equipment and tools (Hjálpartæki
  • Pharmaceutical issues (Lyfjamál
  • Financial issues (Fjármál)
  • Housing (Húsnæði)
  • Legal issues (Lög og lagaleg málefni)
  • Public elections (Kosningar)
  • Handicap parking licence and parking issues (P-merki)
  • Official representatives of disabled (Réttindagæslumenn)
  • The convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Samningur Sameinuðu þjóðanna um réttindi fatlaðs fólks)
  • The service of municipalities (Þjónusta sveitarfélaga).




  • Generally about access (Almennt um aðgengi)
  • Access and buildings/structures (Aðgengi og mannvirki)
  • Travel and transport (Ferðalög og samgöngur)
  • Restaurants / cafes (Veitingahús / kaffihús)
  • Halls for rent / meeting facilities (Veislusalir / fundaraðstaða)
  • Culture (Menning), Outdoor activities (Útivist)
  • Accessible services (Þjónusta)
  • Accessible tourism in Iceland (Engish)


Work and education

  • Work related (Atvinna)
  • Education - schools (Skólar)
  • Training – continuing education – seminars (Fræðsla / símenntun / námskeið)
  • Innovation – innovators (Nýsköpun / frumkvöðlar).


  • Health (Heilsa)
  • Handicap equipment and tools (Hjálpartæki)
  • Independent life (Sjálfstætt líf)
  • The family (Fjölskylda)
  • The elderly (Eldri borgarar)
  • Safety issues (Öryggismál)
  • Various consultancy (Ráðgjafaþjónusta)
  • Interpretation service (Túlkaþjónusta)
  • Daily life (Daglegt líf)


  • Events of the centre (Viðburðir ÞS)
  • Peer tutoring (Jafningjafræðsla)
  • Newsletters (Fréttabréf ÞS)
  • Videos (Myndbönd)
  • List of articles (Greinasafn)
  • Disabled people in the news (Fólk í fréttum)
  • Various associations (Hagsmunasamtök)


  • Social activities (Félagsstarf)
  • Sports (Íþróttir)
  • Low cost or free recreation (Ódýr eða ókeypis afþreying)
  • Fishing spots (Veiðistaðir)


Our vision, aim, values, and mission statement

The vision

Is to empower people with physical disabilities to live an independent life.

The aim

  • Is to build up a database of information of (almost) everything concerning life with physical disability.
  • The centre's major role is to operate this comprehensive website with those information, deliver information and support, both to those who show up at the centre as through various communication methods, and offer courses and peer tutoring. 
  • Information is given to physically disabled people, family and friends, institutions, professionals, and individuals who are temporarily physically disabled or anyone else searching for such information.  

The value 

  • Is to be independent and aim at the individual needs of clients.
  • The UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities is our guiding light.
  • The information is accessible and the needs of the clients are met in an efficient way by gathering all kind of practical information concerning everyday life of physically disabled people in Iceland.
  • Information is available through our website, Facebook, email, phone or by appointment with our consultants.

The mission statement 

Your way to independent life.

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