Accessible tourism in Iceland

Thekkingarmidstod Sjalfsbjargar is a knowledge center for people with physical disabilities. With this website we are building up a database of information of (almost) everything concerning life with a physical disability.  The center's role is first and foremost to collect and publish the information on the  subject here on this website. Secondly, we invite people, in search of related information, to email or call to the center and we will do our best to find the answers or point out where to find them. Thirdly, does the center prepare and offer lectures and courses on the subject of physical disabilities, along with peer tutoring. The people who search for information at our center are first and foremost physical disabled people, their family and friends, companies working in the field of disability, people that are temporarily disabled or anyone that are seeking such information.   

Our mission statement is: Your way to independent life“.

Regularly we get  enquiries from physically disabled people from abroad who are planning to travel to Iceland. Therefore we've decided to translate  to English our information on travelling in Iceland. This is an exception in our website and the only information we provide in English. We do hope this will be of help to you, and we gladly accept any additional information for our database. Please contact us if further information is requested or if you want to share your experience. 

One way to reach information on accessibility of various places in Iceland is to download a phone app TravAble , but is has been collecting such information.


Here we have information (not comprehensive)  from physically disabled people about  accessible accommodation in our website. Unfortunately the website is in Icelandic so you most likely need Google translate to assist you. You can also look for accommodation with Icelandic farm holidays where there is a search engine. There you can look for wheelchair access among other things.

Accessible restaurants and cafe's

Here we have information (not comprehensive)  from physically disabled people about accessible restaurants and cafe's around Iceland. Unfortunately the website is in Icelandic so you most likely need Google translate to assist you.

Car rentals

Europcar Holdur 

Skeifan 9|108 Reykjavik | Tel.: (+354) 568 6915| holdur(at)|

Europcar Holdur allows a driving equipment in their cars. The renter needs to contact Oryggismidstodin and rent the equipment and have it installed. The car rental also offers a car that fits 9 people were it's possible to take a seat out to fit a wheelchair in it. The car comes with ramps to help getting the wheelchair in and out of the car, and has safety fastener where you can fasten the wheelchair in the car.


Flugvallavegi| 101 Reykjavik | Tel.: (+354) 522 4400 |hertz(at)|  

Hertz allows a driving equipment in their cars. The renter needs to contact Oryggismidstodin and rent the equipment and have it installed. The car rental also offers a bigger car were it's possible to remove a seat from the car in order to fit a wheelchair in the back of the car. The car has ramps to enable a wheelchair in and out of the car, and has safety fastener where you can fasten the wheelchair in the car.


Fiskislod 18|101 Reykjavik |Tel.: (+354) 540 2225|Anton(at)| 

Sixt rent-a-car allows a driving equipment in their cars. Please contact them directly (information from April 2016).

Disability Parking Card

Foreign visitors in Iceland can use their valid Disability Parking Card in Iceland - Visitors to Iceland can use their Disability Parking Card in Iceland 


Reykjavík Excursions:
Unfortunately the regular flybuses are not wheelchair accessible (between Keflavik and Reykjavik). So, flybus passengers travelling in a wheelchair are kindly asked to contact Reykjavik Excursions with at least 24 hours notice befor arriving at Keflavik airport og Reykjavik bus terminal. They will accordingly benn provided with appropriate transportation to/from the airport. Please advise if you are in a manual wheelchair or if it is an electric one.

Gray Line Iceland:
The staff can provide assistance with boarding coaches, wheelchair stowage, luggage and other reasonable requests for no extra fee.

They offer wheelchair transfer from Keflavík airport. There is room for one wheelchair user and two other passengers. You pay per vehicle but not per passenger. Bus drivers can assist with luggage. You have to contact them with 48 hours notice. They can also offer day tours and transfer within the Capital area for people traveling in a wheelchair. You can send a request through their website.

Thuletravel/Geysir taxi: They offer wheelchair transfer from Keflavík airport and the drivers can assist with the luggage. Passengers are asked to contact them with 24 hours notice.

Helping aids

There are several companies in Iceland that sells helping aids to disabled people. Only two of them offer helping aids for rent. 

For rent

Hjálpartaekjaleiga Sjalfsbjargar - Mobility equipment renting

Hatun 12 | 105 Reykjavik | Tel.: (+354) 550 0118 | hjalpartaeki(at) |

Our association, Sjalfsbjorg, is operating a mobility equipment renting service where we are renting out wheelchairs (manual), scooters, walkers, shower chairs, skids, and ramps, Further information can be found at this  website. The service is located in Reykjavik, not far from the city center.


Tronuhraun 8 |220 Hafnarfjordur| Tel.: (+354) 565 2885|stod(at) |

Information on helping aids for rent. Stod sells also various helping aids as well. 

For sale

BaraHealth - support cushions

Eirberg - small helping aids, bathroom aids, wheelchairs, ramps, mobility devices and much more.

Fastus - mobility devices, wheelchairs, hospital beds and much more.

Stod - wheelchairs, small helping aids, mobility scooters, hospital beds, bath aids and much more.

Ortaekni  - softwares and accessories.

Oryggismidstodin - mobility scooters, wheelchairs, mobility device, bath aids and much more.

Ossur - injury solutions.


If you need your wheelchair or helping aid repaired, please check with following companies if they can help you:

Akureyri, Húsavík, Þórshöfn

Rafeyri ehf
Norðurtanga 5 |600 Akureyri| Tel.: (+354) 461 1221/ 898 9869 |rafeyri(hja)|

Husavik Tel:(+354) 869 2492

Þorshofn Tel: (+354) 896 0993


Geisli ehf 
Hilmisgötu 4|900 Vestmannaeyjum| Tel.: (+354)481 3333|geisli(hjá) |contact |


Rafskaut ehf
Suðurtangi 7 |400 Isafjordur|456 4742|rafskaut(hjá)


Rafey ehf
Miðási 11 |700 Egilsstadir|4712013| rafey(hjá)

Personal or medical assistance

If you need a personal or medical assistance while staying in Iceland there are few companies that you can contact.  Please do so in good advance.

Sinnum ehf
Holtsbud 87| 210 Gardabaer|Tel.: (+354) 519 1400/770 2221| sinnum(at) |

Vinun ehf

Laugavegur 59| 101 Reykjavik |Tel.: (+354)  578 9800/820 5768 | vinun(at)|

Ylfa ehf 

Olduslod 8| 220 Hafnarfjordur|Tel.: (+354)  849 3985| ylfa(at) | 


Askalind 1| 201 Kópavogur|Tel.: (+354)  530 2400| oryggi(at) |

Travel agencies

Iceland unlimited 
is a travel agency that designs tours for disabled people, and specializes in tailor made self drive holidays and guided private tours in Iceland, Faroe Islands and Greenland. The owner is a wheelchair user. There are lots of information on places to visit, hotels etc. 

Ice 8x8
Sometimes offer tours for disabled people, please contact them directly.

Whale watching

They are located in Reykjavík and can assist wheelchair users.

Special Tours
Also located in Reykjavik. The boat is called Andrea. Wheelchair access is not very good but the staff can assist and carry people in wheelchairs.

Láki Tours
Located in Snaefellsnes in the west of Iceland. Whale watching is possible for people in wheelchairs in the winter time until the middle of April but they are hoping it will be better next summer (2016). Please contact them in advance.

Located in Husavik in the north of Iceland. People have to book well in advance and you have to call before you go and ask to go on ships with the best wheelchair access, Gardar or Nattfari.


Additional information

  • Disability certification from other countries should be accepted in Iceland, please check. 
  • Europeans should bring the European Health Insurance Card along.
  • Access Iceland is an information and  services database for accessible places in Iceland, based on seven categories of signaling systems and registration of access to facilities, indoors and outdoors, nature and services. Please note: even though facilities have registration of access it doesn't always mean a good access.
  • Access Iceland map 
  • Wheelmap
  • Icelandic Tourist Board 
  • Visit Iceland 


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